Attendance Policies

The South Jordan Middle School attendance policy is based on the knowledge that the explanations, clarifications, and discussions taking place in the classroom are invaluable components of the school learning experience. The benefits of instruction, once lost cannot be entirely regained. Punctuality and regular attendance are not only necessary for school success but also required by Utah State Law (Public Law 53A-11-101). The law further states that every parent or guardian has the responsibility of sending his or her child to school. The Administration and Staff at South Jordan Middle School are committed to the success of the students. Student success can best be achieved when Students, Parents, Teachers and School Administrators work together toward a common goal.


A student coming to school late should always report to the attendance office to check in.
Excused admittance will be determined by an appropriate note or phone call that explains the reason for the check in (Please see the Types of Absences #1 below). The attendance secretaries must receive this information at the time of check in. Students who fail to check in will be considered truant.


During the school day when a student needs to leave school for any reason, it is imperative that the student check out through the attendance office. A parent or guardian must come IN PERSON to the attendance office to sign-out their student. Please add the names of those you authorize to check out your student on the Skyward Parent Contact and Emergency Contact information page. You may UPDATE this information throughout the school year. ONLY those names listed on the Skyward Parent/Emergency Contact page will be allowed to check out your student.

When checking your student out please allow sufficient time to send for the student. Parents who notify the attendance office prior to the check out time will have their student waiting for them in the attendance office. When other arrangements need to be made, contact the attendance office for assistance.

Students are not allowed to leave the South Jordan Middle School campus without verified permission through the attendance office. Students leaving the school without following the proper check out procedure will be considered truant. Students that do not abide by this policy may be suspended until a parent/administrator conference is held.


  1. 1. Excused absences include the following:
    • The student was absent and is considered excused because of illness, medical, or dental appointment confirmed with a timely note from doctor, or verified documentation indicating death/funeral of a family member, family wedding, court appearance, etc.
    • The student was absent and the parent provided a written excused note indicating the date of the absence in a timely manner. (Electronic note – school will contact the parent to indicate receipt of the electronic note). *Notes to excuse an absence will be accepted by the attendance office up to five school days after the student returns to school.
    • Activity absences which are approved by a teacher, advisor or coach, and administrator, with the student on the activity list prior to the absence.
    • Vacation absences/educational leave and special types of obligations that have prior approval in accordance with Jordan school district policy with the prior completion of the Vacation/Education Leave Form (up to ten days per school year.) Vacation days may be used if the absence will be for two or more school days.
    • Home and hospital instruction

    2. Unexcused absences The student was absent and the school received no call or note from the parent or guardian. The student was absent and the parent or guardian called with an excuse not considered excused by the Truancy Court or Jordan School District. (Going out to lunch, snowboarding, sleeping in, etc.) Additionally, students will be considered unexcused if a parent does not excuse an absence through a written note to the attendance office within five school days of the absence.

    3. Truancy absences The student was truant and the truancy was verified by parents, police or school officials. This includes a student leaving school without checking out through the attendance office, not arriving at school as expected by parents and school authorities, or missing part or all of a scheduled class without permission.

    A student is considered absent from school or from a class any time he/she is not present. School activities and assemblies that are scheduled during school time between 7:50 AM – 2:50 PM are considered part of the regular school day.

TARDINESS: TNT-Tardies Not Tolerated

Tardiness is disruptive to the educational process. A student is considered tardy to class if he/she is not in their seat and ready when the tardy bell rings. Students arriving to class within the first 10 minutes of the class will be considered tardy after which they may be considered truant. Tardy make-ups may be arranged through the individual teacher according to their disclosure statement and must be resolved within 5 school days. School consequences for excessive tardiness will be the following:

  • 3 tardies— 1 day of Lunch Detention (lunch in café) – Lunch cleanup
  • 5 tardies— 3 days of Lunch Detention (lunch in café) – Lunch cleanup
  • 7 tardies— all day ISS (In-school suspension) & Admininstrator Conference (sack lunch in office)
  • 9 tardies – OSS (Out-of-school suspension)/Parent shadow option

Additional tardies will result in continued administrative action which may include parent conferences and additional suspensions. The administration reserves the right to adjust these consequences for those students that are habitually tardy.


Parents and students are encouraged to maintain communication with their teachers via email or phone during times of prolonged absence. Parents may request home and hospital instruction for student absences resulting from injury or illness that may exceed 10 consecutive school days. (A doctor´s note must be provided to the attendance office prior to home and hospital implementation.)


The suspended student is counted as excused on attendance records and cannot be penalized for non-attendance on days of suspension. Make-up work arrangements are the responsibility of the suspended student and his or her teachers. Work must be completed within the time requirements noted in the teacher´s disclosure. A suspended student is not allowed on Jordan School District property without the presence of a parent/guardian.


Excessive tardiness and unexcused absences may result in a student being disciplined according to their teacher´s disclosure and/or other administrative consequences. Truancy may lead to letters from the school informing the parents of the problem and encouraging a joint solution between the home and the school. A conference between parents and school administrators may also be necessary. If truancy continues, the students may be referred to truancy school, truancy mediation, and/or truancy court. Students who sluff will receive a “0” on all assignments, quizzes, and/or tests that are missed as a result of their sluff. Assemblies and activity privileges may also be revoked as per administration discretion.


The individual teacher will develop and submit to each student grading and credit guidelines defined in a disclosure statement. Class participation and academic achievement are rewarded. If class is missed, the disclosure specifies make-up requirements. Tardiness may be addressed. Students are expected to take disclosure statements to their parents for review and signatures. The first sections of the disclosure are identical as these policies are school-wide.


If a student is unable to attend school for two or more days because of illness or injury, parents may contact the attendance office (801-412-2905) before 10:00 am to make arrangements for homework to be picked up by the end of the day. Students will be given a mimimum of one day for each day missed to make up missed assignments, exams, or meet assignment deadlines. It remains the student´s responsibility to ascertain what work was missed and then ensure that the work is completed and turned in to the teacher.


As previously noted, student success can best be achieved when students, parents, teachers, and school administration work together toward a common goal. To reach the goal of student success, each member of the school community must recognize, understand, and fulfill their responsibilities. South Jordan Middle School provides computerized attendance and class grade records over the Internet. Parents and students can check current grades, missing assignments, and attendance on Skyward. Skyward can be accessed from the school´s website: You will need your login and password to access the site (these are available through the counseling office, 801-412-2910).

Attendance Codes in Skyward

A Absent: Unexcused Absence.
C Check in/out: Student checks in and out in the same period.
D In-School Suspension: Student was in In-School Suspension.
E Excused Absence: Student absence (see Types of Absences #1 above).
G Guardian: Unexcused absence with parent knowledge (see Types of Absences #2 above).
H Home and Hospital: Student receiving educational services at home due to extended illness, injury, or disciplinary placement.
I Check In: Student checked in with a valid and verified excuse.
J Testing/SEOP: Schoolwide testing, individualized testing, or SEOP conference.
K Detention/Crisis Center: Student is being held in the county detention or crisis center.
L Excused Tardy: Student came late to class with a valid and verified excuse.
N School Activity: Student was out of class due to a school-sponsored activity.
O Check Out: Student checked out with a valid and verified excuse.
S Suspension: Student suspended out of school
T Tardy: Student came to class late (10 minutes or less).
U Unexcused Check In: Student checked in late without a valid excuse.
V Educational Leave / Vacation: Student excusedabsence due to a prearranged vacation or educational leave.
W “Way Late” Tardy: Student was more than 10 minutes late to class.
X Counselor Conference: Student in conference with counselor.
Y Administrative Conference: Student in conferece with administrator or office staff.
Z Verified Sluff or Truancy: Student sluffed one or more classes.