School Community Council

It is the policy of the [Jordan School District Board of Education] to encourage parental involvement in the operation of the school district and to facilitate parental participation in the educational process. Therefore, the Board authorizes the District Administration to develop procedures to build effective communication between parents, teachers, and administrators; to provide parents with opportunities to be actively involved in their children’s education; and to establish School Community Councils for receiving community input on local school issues.

— Jordan School District Policy AA437
“Parent Involvement and School Community Councils”

The SJMS School Community Council (SCC) meets several times each year to discuss important school issues. The SCC is made up of representatives from the administration and faculty of SJMS, as well as parent and community volunteers. Click on the link for the SCC Application form.

2016-17 Meeting Schedule (all meetings held in the SJMS Media Center):

  • October 27 @ 6:00 PM
  • November 30 @ 6:00 PM
  • January 18 @ 6:00 PM
  • March 22 @ 6:00 PM
Community Council Training Videos:
Visit this link, and view the “Touch the Future” and “Earning for Education” videos by using the links at the bottom of the page on the right-hand side.

Past LAND Trust Plans and Reports

LAND Trust: Appropriate Expenditures

2016-2017 Agenda and Minutes:

10-27-16 AGENDA10-27-16 MINUTES

11-30-16 AGENDA / 11-30-16 MINUTES

2-1-17 AGENDA  / 2-1-17 MINUTES
3-22-17 AGENDA / 3-22-17 MINUTES
2015-2016 Agenda and Minutes:

10-6-15 AGENDA / SCC Minutes 10-6-15

11-18-15 AGENDA / SCC Minutes 11-18-15

2-10-16 AGENDA / SCC-Minutes-2-10-16

3-30-16 AGENDA / SCC Minutes 11-30-16

2014-2015 Archive:

10-9-2014 SCC AGENDA / 10-9-2014 SCC Minutes / 10-9-14 SCC Handouts

11-19-14 AGENDA / 11-19-14 SCC Minutes

2-11-15 Agenda SCC / 2-11-15 SCC Minutes

3-19-15 SCC Agenda / 3-19-15 SCC Minutes


Parent Members: 

Chair: Teresa Atherley

Melinda Anderson
Teresa Atherley
Tiffany Beckman
Heather Berube
Kimmie Delandrae
Corey Fairholm
Sarah Gwilliam
Kristy Ives
Sheri Mattle
Tara Orr
Jodee Packer
Sharon Richins
Marilyn Smith
Diane Tolman
Melissa Warren
Lori Whitehead
Nicole Woodburn
Sunni White