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11/01/2018 SCC Agenda

South Jordan Middle School SCC

November 1, 2018 6:30pm

Media Center


  1. Welcome
  2. Voting Chairperson and Vice Chair and Secretary
  3. Attendance Roll, Email Check List, Phone Numbers
  4. SCC compliance checklist
  5. Review of parliamentary procedures
  6. Training Information
  7. Quorum and voting information
  8. Proposed dates and times for remainder of meetings for year
    1. November 28, 2018  - 6:30pm
    2. January 30, 2019   - 6:30pm
    3. March 27, 2019  - 6:30pm
  9. SoJo Counseling Department Update
  10. Principals Minute
    • Trustlands Budget Review
      • 7th period funding
      • Tutoring periods
      • 2018-19 allocation amount has increased from $125,091 to $139,182.  Budget plan needs to be to amended and allocate how we wish to spend this increased amount for our school.
    • Testing Results
    • School Improvement Plan
    • Safe Schools/Risk Management
    • Sound System
    • Misc. Business
  11. Jodee DeLand is seeking approval for Trust Lands money ($1500) to be used for me to attend the Certified Conference in June 2018 in Orlando, Florida.  This conference helps me better support and train my Business Office Specialist (formerly known as Computer Tech) students. I bring in $8500+ each year based on my certification results.  However, I can not use this money on travel expenses.  Second, I'm not sure if it can be used on student travel  but for the last two years at least three of my students have been named State of Utah MOS Champion which qualified them to compete in the national competition.  I've only had one student who could attend and complete due to expenses.  If we could set aside some funds to help these winning students out, that would be remarkable.  All other schools in Utah and across the USA pay student expenses (transportation and hotel) to attend.  However, we do not so our students do not compete at nationals even though we have ones who qualify. This year the competition is held in June 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

12. Adjourn