Beliefs for Schedule/Teacher Changes at South Jordan Middle School


Much time and consideration has gone into your student’s placement and schedule at South Jordan Middle School. At South Jordan Middle School, we believe that every voice counts and that every child is as equally entitled to a positive learning experience as another. The Class change request policy was designed in accordance with Utah SB 122 which states:

“ An LEA shall reasonably accommodate a parent’s or guardian’s initial selection of a teacher or request for a change. Reasonably accommodate means an LEA shall make it’s best effort to enable a parent or guardian to exercise a parental right specified in section 53A-15- 1503 without substantial impact to staff and resources, including employee working conditions, safety and supervision on school premises and for school activities, and the efficient allocation of expenditures; and while balancing the rights of parents or guardians; the education needs of other students; the academic and behavioral impacts to a classroom; a teachers workload; and the assurance of the safe and efficient operation of a school. ‘

1. The learning environment is most productive when there is a balance of classroom size, diversity and academic ability.

2. Teachers have the responsibility to give input on student placement

3. All teachers provide equal opportunities for quality learning.

4. Students, parents and teachers should have an opportunity to learn to work with and appreciate various personalities.

5. Creating different mixes of students encourages new friendships and social community growth.

6. It is in the best interest of all students to control student placement combinations that could lead to disciplinary problems. Some combinations require a significant amount of classroom teacher time to regulate and can reduce teaching time for the rest of the class.

Procedure and Policy:

1. Schedules will be available on Skyward August 17, 2016 at 12:00 p.m.

2. Please wait to receive your schedule before any change requests are made.

3. You must come to the SJMS Counseling Center to fill out a class transfer/change request form. A parent signature is required.

4. You may only fill out one class transfer/change request form per student. You can request multiple changes on that form, but only one form will be accepted per student.

5. Students must keep the same teacher both semesters in Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies.

6. Counselors will fill requests on a first come first serve basis.

7. Counselors will do their best to fill your request while acknowledging SJMS Beliefs and Policies.

History Bee Qualifiers

Palmer Kemp and Dylan Kreifeldt participated in the  Regional History Bee on Friday, March 25. They both did well enough to qualify for the National History Bee in Chicago this June. Congratulations Palmer and Dylan! Way to represent SoJo!
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SoJo Spirit Award Applications Due May 3


This year at South Jordan Middle we introduced a new Student Achievement Award that we have called the SoJo Spirit Award. Students can earn the award by demonstrating outstanding achievement in academics, school activities, and citizenship. Awards will be given by grade level: 7th – Bronze, 8th – Silver, 9th – Gold. Also, if a student has earned the Spirit Award all 3 years at SoJo, they will qualify for the Platinum Award (this will only be offered once current 7th graders are in 9th grade). As this award was introduced in the Fall, students have been earning points towards the Spirit Award all year. In order to qualify for the award students must fill out the application documenting the points they have earned with a signature verification from teachers, supervisors, coaches, etc. In addition, there is a brief essay included in the application. The Spirit Award applications are due to the Counseling Center by Tuesday, May 3, 2016. We encourage all students to participate. Applications can be found in the main office or printed here: SOJO Spirit Award

Ben Lesser – Holocaust Survivor Lecture


We would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Ben Lesser for his inspiring presentation at South Jordan Middle on March 16th. It was a wonderful educational experience for all involved. Thank you Mr. Lesser for your message of peace and to never forget!

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Bingham Sophomore Class Officers


For any 9th grade student interested in running for Bingham Sophomore Class Officer in 2016-17, there is an after school meeting on Monday, March 7th at 3:00 pm in the SoJo Media Center. This will be an informational meeting to introduce the BHS election process.

There will be a mandatory parent meeting on Thursday, March 10th at 6:00 pm in the Bingham High Media Center for both students and parents. You MUST attend this meeting if you plan on running for office. If you have further questions, please contact Mrs. Geneava Boland (

Boys & Girls Basketball Teams Win Championships!


Congratulations to both the Boys and Girls 9th Grade Basketball Teams for winning the Jordan District Championship on Saturday night, 2/26. The girls team won their first championship in 17 years! And the boys team came from behind to win in overtime! Way To Go SoJo!!