Exploring Computer Science

Disclosure Addendum 2015-2016

Ms. Morrill

Course Description:


Exploring Computer Science is a 1-semester class for 9th graders, and it counts for the computer tech high school credit.  It’s a hands-on course designed to introduce students to programming concepts without getting overly technical, and leads directly to actual programming courses in high school.  ECS is also designed to start from the bottom up, so all students, regardless of technical background, can have a chance to get started in the computer science field.

Tech Lab/Equipment:

Students are expected to show appropriate behavior at ALL times while using equipment in the lab. Any deliberate damages will be covered by the student. Inappropriate behavior will result in loss of lab privileges and the assignment of a written activity.


Many of the activities in this class involve teamwork. Failure to work successfully within a team will result in a lowered grade for all students involved. Professionals often have to work in teams and work with conflicting personalities. As an introductory computer science course, I expect all my students to work on resolving differences peacefully and developing professional attitudes.

Cell Phone / Mobile Device Policy:

Cell phones and other mobile devices are not to be used in class, unless the teacher gives permission. Ear buds should be out of ears and out of sight. If a student is caught using a device without permission, the device will be moved into “cell phone prison” and the following consequences will be enforced:

  • 1st Offense: Device goes to prison until end of period, lose 5 points participation, name added to offenders list
  • 2nd Offense: Device goes to prison for the rest of the day; lose 10 points participation, citizenship drops a grade
  • 3rd Offense: Device goes to prison and then transfers to attendance office. Lose points and citizenship, parents contacted.
  • 4th Offense: Device goes to office again, lose points, citizenship and class technology/activity privileges, administration contacted.


  • Assignments: 40%
  • Quizzes/Tests/Projects: 20%
  • Notebook: 20%
  • Participation: 20%

Teacher Availability:

I am available from 7:30 – 3:30, Tuesday – Thursday. Any other times by appointment. Students with questions on grades and assignments are asked to come in outside of class, as it is often too busy during class. I am also available during school hours by email: lindsey.morrill@jordandistrict.org. For access to powerpoints, assignments and other class resources, go to morrilltech.wikispaces.com.