Social Studies Addendum

Late Work and Late Passes:

All late work is due by the teacher´s cutoff date. Assignments turned in late may be docked by up to 50%. Students will receive a minimum of two passes per quarter that may be used to turn in a late assignment for full credit. Late passes must be used within the times directed by each teacher.


The following movies may be shown, in full or in part, in classes this year:

  • 7th Grade: Jeremiah Johnson
  • 8th Grade: Glory, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Roots, Gettysburg, Squanto
  • 9th Grade: Cry Freedom, Gandhi, God Grew Tired of Us, River of Victory
  • All Grades: Remember the Titans, National Treasure

Jordan School District policy requires advance notice before showing these movies. If you would like your student to be given an alternate assignment, contact your child’s teacher.