Science Addendum


Students need to be focused on their work for the class. For everyone´s benefit, students must come to class on time, prepared with their books, notebooks, paper, pencil and any assignments that are due. Citizenship points are based on a student´ behavior and grades (or being on the PROWL). Points may be deducted for not being prepared, for being reminded about class rules (e.g. not following Science Opener procedures), not being on time, not being on task, and for not listening to instructions or talking out of turn. End of quarter grades could result in the following citizenship grade before lost behavior points: C = Satisfactory, D = Needs Improvement, F = Unsatisfactory

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Show respect for your teachers, yourself, others and property.
  2. Come prepared to class each day. A 1 ½ inch 3-ring binder notebook, paper, and a pencil are required materials for the class. A flash drive is highly recommended.
  3. Turn in all your work completed and on time.  Work is expected to have complete answers that are neat, contain completed sentences, and refer back to the original question.  Work must be legible.
  4. Be in your assigned seat with your starters/openers open when the bell rings.
  5. Be courteous and cooperate with your teacher and your fellow classmates.

Hall Passes:

Students will be allowed two (2) hall passes each quarter. They are for emergency situations only. Once they are used, there will be no more hall passes until the beginning of the new quarter. Hall passes may also be used to give a late assignment full credit, for extra credit, or to excuse a tardy per the discretion of the teacher.


Students and parents are encouraged to contact their teacher if they have any questions or concerns. Time is available before (from 7:20 -7:40 am) and after school (from 2:50-3:20 pm) for any meetings required. You will find that teachers will be very accommodating if you need help with something. We understand that things happen and everyone´s situation is unique.

Behavioral Policy:

The following behaviors and items are unacceptable and are not conducive to the learning environment. If we see any of these things, the offending person will lose at least 5 citizenship points and could receive a U for their citizenship grade. Inappropriate items will be confiscated. Food and drink will be disposed in a trashcan.

    • Personal electronic devices
    • Bullying/physical & verbal
    • Sexual harassment
    • Applying cosmetics in class
    • Lying/Cheating
    • Stealing/theft
    • Talking out of turn
    • Passing/writing notes
    • Inappropriate clothing
    • Swearing/foul language
    • Writing on desks
    • Missing assignments

Late/Absent Work:

All late and absent work must be handed directly to the teacher or it may not be graded.

Additional Science Information

    1. Students who miss class due to vacation leave may be asked to do an alternative assignment.
    2. Your signature on the disclosure signature form indicates you have read this addendum and that you give your student permission to watch the following movies:
      • October Sky (9th grade only)
      • Apollo 13, (problem solving footage, 9th grade only)
      • A 3-minute segment from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (scientific method, 9th grade only).
      • Cool It (9th grade only may see all or portions)
      • Robots (8th grade only)
      • The Lorax