PE Addendum


  • Learn about fitness and become fit through exercise
  • Play multiple sports and games
  • Have fun and develop healthy habits


  • Gym clothes
  • Heart rate strap for $5 dollars for 8th & 9th grade only (can be purchased in main office)


Expectations of Physical Education students:

  • Dress
  • Behave
  • Participate


  • No gum, candy, food, or drink (water bottle is fine)
  • ABSOLUTELY NO BACKPACKS allowed in gym or locker room
  • Sit in roll call lines at required times
  • Do your best every day
  • No cell phones in locker room

Gym Clothes

  • Plain white t-shirt (first and last name on front and back with black marker)
  • Blue or black gym shorts, sweats, or warm up pants
  • Athletic shoes that tie
  • No jewelry or accessories

Locks, Lockers & the Locker Room

  • Students will be provided a lock and a locker for their gym clothes
  • Things of value should not be in the locker room
  • The P.E. staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items

Grading Procedures

  • Students receive 10 points for dressing and 20 points for activities on a daily basis
  • 90% of grade is participation, tests, and assessments
  • 10% of grade is citizenship

Letter Grade Consequences

  • Not Participating (lose 20-30 points)
  • Misbehavior (discretion of teacher up to 30 points)
  • Students who choose not to dress will NOT be allowed to participate and their grade will result in a zero for the day and must walk while the class is engaged in activity

Missing P.E.

  • Only students that have an excused absence can make up gym
  • Students will be required to participate in class unless they have a parent or doctors note
  • Extended illness or injury will be made up at discretion of individual teacher
  • Class missed due to school excused activities do not need to be made up
  • Even with a parent or doctor note students will ALWAYS receive a zero until they make up the day(s) missed

Make Ups

  • All make-ups are done at school
  • Make-ups consist of jogging in the gym or outside, weather permitting
  • Dressing out in PE clothes and 15 minutes of jogging makes up 1 day
  • Make-Ups are done every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday either before school @ 7:00 AM or after school @ 3:00 PM
  • If students cannot come on these days, they may schedule to come on Monday or Friday with their individual teacher.
  • Students who do NOT make up their absences within a 2 week period from their return will NOT be able to make it up and their grade will result in a zero

Physical Education Staff