English Language Arts Addendum

The English Language Arts Department at South Jordan Middle School offers courses designed to improve a student’s abilities to read, write, speak, listen, research and comprehend text. Comprehension skills emphasize literal, interpretive, critical, and creative thinking.  Basic vocabulary will be covered in literature-related words, word relationships and word parts. We use both Scholastic Reading Inventory and the STAR test to identify placement and to individualize reading for each student.

The ELA department at South Jordan Middle School promotes reading comprehension and literary passion. A tool to accomplish this is the Accelerated Reader program, and all classes and grade levels participate in it. Most students find success in the reading program, in the event a student fails an Accelerated Reader test, he or she may complete a hand-written book report to receive partial credit. Furthermore, if an Accelerate Reader test is not available, a book report may be completed in order to receive credit. Students should see their Language Arts teacher for book report forms. Cheating will not be tolerated. Please see South Jordan Middle School’s Honesty Policy for more information.

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Common Core Information

The Language Arts Department in conjunction with the Reading Department is implementing a new Core Curriculum this year. The curriculum has increased lexiles and text complexities for all reading material. Likewise, the writing assignments require a higher level of complex thinking skills and more complex development patterns than previously. Jordan District has implemented an adapted version of the units created by the Gates Foundation available on the Jordan School District web site and are requiring two benchmark tests per year to insure the quality of education. This more challenging curriculum should better prepare students for college; however, parents may see a fluctuation in students´ GPA as they adjust to the more difficult curriculum.

Grade 6-8 955-1155
Grade 9-10 1080-1305