Honors Course Addendum

Classroom Grading Policy:

Assignments are due at the beginning of the period unless otherwise noted by the teacher.

It is expected that students will plan ahead in order to turn in assignments on time. If a home printer runs out of ink, or will not work, students need to e-mail the information to a neighbor or friend to print the assignment in order to turn it in on time. Printer and/or computer issues are not valid reasons for receiving extra time to turn in assignments for full credit.

Classroom Late Work Policy:

  • Students who are absent, school excused or otherwise, on assignment due dates must submit assignments on the day they return to class.
  • Late work will be reduced by 50%.
  • Assignments that are partially completed will not be accepted until they are done thoroughly. They will be considered late work when turned in completed.
  • Late work will not be accepted after one week from the original due date.
  • Any projects, papers, and assignments where students have multiple days inside or outside of class to complete the work will not be accepted late.

Classroom Citizenship and Ethics Guidelines:

  • Students are expected to be sitting in their correct desks when the bell rings to avoid being marked tardy.
  • Students who sluff, or are removed from the classroom because of disruptive behavior, will automatically receive a zero on any assignment started, worked on, or turned in on the day(s) they are not in class.
  • Students will lose five citizenship points each time they receive a warning for inappropriate behavior.
  • Students who receive a grade below a “B” or a citizenship grade of “N” or “U” in any quarter will not automatically advance in the honors program the next school year.
  • Students are expected to behave ethically. Cheating on tests, sharing answers, copying assignments, taking an AR test for another student, or any other form of plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students who participate in these activities will receive a “U” in citizenship, no credit for the assignments, and will be put on probation or immediately removed from the honors program.
  • Students who behave unethically on AR (through activities such as cheating or taking an AR test for another student) will receive a zero in AR, which is 15% of their quarter grade. This will lower them at least one grade level.
  • Students may collaborate on assignments in the manner and time prescribed by the teacher when all students involved are working together to complete questions. Sharing or copying answers in other situations may be considered cheating

Accelerated Reading:

  • A.R. will count for 15% of the quarter grade. The A.R. score will be recorded a minimum of twice a quarter, at midterm and at the end of the quarter. All A.R. must be completed on or before the due date established by the teacher.
  • Students who choose to read books that are not A.R. books may submit a book report. A student may submit a book report for an A.R. book read independently. Book report forms are available through students´ Language Arts teacher.

Skyward Information:

  • Please go to http://www.sjms.jordan.k12.ut.us/ and login to Skyward. Input both a student and parent e-mail address to improve timely communications between your home and the school.
  • Students and parents should frequently review grade, attendance, and citizenship information posted in Skyward.

Student Supply List:

The items listed below will be needed for use in class as soon as possible.

  1. A folder or binder for all assignments.
  2. Paper that comes in packages. No spiral notebooks are allowed.
  3. Blue or black ballpoint pens (Science classes do not allow the use of pens!).
  4. Pencils (#2 only).
  5. A set of colored pencils with at least eight different colors in it.
  6. A highlighter.
  7. A novel to read for A.R.
  8. Other supplies as requested and directed.