Spanish 1 and 2


Welcome back to another fabulous year at SOJO!  We are excited to get started so here are some things you should know about this class so you can prepare to be successful this year.


Your performance in this class is largely based on your attendance and willingness to practice and use Spanish in the classroom (and at home) everyday.  This is a participation class so… SPEAK – mistakes are OKAY!


You will need:


  • 3-ring binder (or section of a binder) with four dividers
    • We will have a section for the starter, vocabulary/notes, songs, and classwork/homework.
  • Pencils and pens
  • Paper for notes or assignments


To be successful in this class:



  • Use Spanish.  This class will be conducted mostly in Spanish.  You will earn points based on how much you TRY to use Spanish and how many risks you take.
  • Participate actively and positively in all activities.  Sleeping, working on other class work, reading, writing notes, and noise-making or disrupting activities keep you and others around you from learning and will also reflect negatively on your grade.
  • Be honest.  In class you will be allowed and encouraged to work together and help each other.  This, however, does NOT allow you to copy another student’s work.  In that event, BOTH you and the student who allowed you to copy will lose credit.
  • Cell phones, mp3 players or other electronic devices are not to be used in class.  Participation points will be deducted from your grade and electronic devices can be confiscated and given to the student’s assistant principal to be picked up by parents.  Cell phone usage during a test is grounds for a zero.  Please keep these devices turned off and put away.



Spanish Department Makeup-work Policy:


The Spanish Department supports the school-wide Make-up and Late Work Policies as stated in the school-wide disclosure statement. All late work must be turned in before the last five school days of midterm and end-of-term cut-off dates in order to receive partial credit.


Spanish Class Grading Breakdown:


Classwork and Homework – 20%:  Students will be required to complete any unfinished classwork at home. An important part of learning a language is practice. We suggest that students spend at least 5 minutes practicing and studying Spanish from their notes and vocabulary each day. In addition, students will need to practice speaking Spanish outside of class with a Spanish buddy.  This will be a weekly grade.


Class Participation – 10%: Consistent class participation and behavior is a crucial key to student success. Students will receive up to 100 points/quarter for good participation and behavior. Student will lose points for misconduct, unexcused tardies, truancy or non-participation.


Tests and Quizzes – 50%: Tests and quizzes will be given nearly every week to encourage students to study and practice Spanish each day. The daily class work and occasionally assigned homework is to help students more thoroughly prepare for these tests and quizzes.


Projects and Presentations – 20%: There will be one project or presentation per quarter.




During a couple of our units in Spanish this year, part or all of the following movies MAY be shown to support the curriculum (in Spanish, of course):


Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Lion King

Monster’s Inc. or Monster’s University Atlético San Pancho

Book of Life Book of Life

Rio Big Hero 6

If used, these movies/movie clips will be incorporated into the classroom activities as a way to support what we are learning.  These movies are rated PG and so district policy requires that we notify you.  If you don’t want your student to view these films, please email or talk with your student’s teacher.  There will be alternate assignments for students who do not watch the movie/clip.  Opting out will, in no way, adversely affect students’ grades, provided that the alternate assignments are completed well.