Intro to World Languages


World Language Addendum 

McKay Anderson – Spanish

Brett Freeman – French

Deborah Martin – German

Malinda Tidwell – Reading


Introduction to World Languages is a year long class for 8th grade students.  Students will spend one quarter in each of three languages and a quarter in a reading class.  In this course students will have the opportunity to experience foreign languages and improve their reading skills.  As you participate in the learning process, you will acquire basic communication skills in each language, compare cultures, and make connections to your own language and community.  Your grade in this class will reflect how well you meet the academic and participation/citizenship goals for the class.  Individual teachers will provide further details about the point values given to each type of academic grade.


1. Late Work Policy – See the school-wide disclosure

2. Extra Credit is available.  Each teacher will explain the extra credit opportunities for their class.  Students will receive 3 class passes which can be used as hall passes, tardy passes, or late work passes.  If they are not used they will count as extra credit.

3.  Extra help is available.  Make an appointment to come in at a specific time and day, generally during regular school hours, which are between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

4. Supplies needed daily:

a.  A folder or section of a notebook

b.  Lined paper

c.  Pen or pencil


Parents, please provide a study area free from distractions, check daily for homework completion, and help if possible.  Call us at the school 801-412-2900 to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.