Late Work Policy:

  1. Grades on late assignments will be reduced by 30%.
  2. Students will have one week to make up or retake weekly quizzes. If a student is present for the quiz, they must take it and receive some points in order to retake it.
  3. All late work must be received by one week before each quarter ends.
  4. I will stay after school on Wednesdays to help students with make-up work or late work.

Extra Credit Policy:

  1. Students can arrange with me to do extra credit if everything is turned in (No Zeros).
  2. Extra credit can raise the student´s grade to the next highest grade, ie. B+ to A-.

Supplies Needed Daily:

  1. A Three-ring binder with 6 dividers
  2. Pencil or pen (black or blue)
  3. Colored pencils

German Videos

I plan to show videos to my German students in German with English subtitles.  It is a great activity for improving their understanding of German.  Some of these videos are rated PG such as Frozen, Shrek 1, Tangled, Incredibles, and How to Train Your Dragon 1.  Please contact me if you do NOT want your child to watch these movies.

Parent Responsibilities:

Please provide a study area free from distractions, check daily for homework completion, and help if possible. Please call me at the school ((801) 412-2900) to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.