What is this thing called theatre?

Theatre is the dramatic expression of ideas and feelings, of concepts and moods. It is often entertaining, but demands intense concentration and work from even the most amateur of performers. No piece of theatre can be a success unless everyone involved is committed to working hard, as well as working together as a team. In doing so, they will develop greater self- worth, an ability to work with others, skills in various modes of self-expression, and a heightened critical eye for the arts.

What students in drama will be expected to do:

1. Due to the nature of the activities- theatre is built around learning by doing- being in attendance and on time each day is essential. This class follows the SOJO tardy policy.

2. Participation points will be given every class period. If a student is unwilling to participate in daily activities or with the groups to which he/she is assigned, his/her participation grade will be reduced.

3. Each student will be expected to fully memorize his/her monologue and scene assignments BEFORE performance dates.

4. Each student is required to audition for, and act in, a short (about an hour) play to be performed for peers and family near the end of the semester. There will be a mandatory after school rehearsal the day before the show.

5. Come to class prepared. EVERY DAY you will need the following materials:

  1. A pencil
  2. Lined paper to write on
  3. Script (when applicable)

6. Each student must learn to be a good member of the audience during other student’s performances. This is a vital part of the working relationship among all the students and has a definite effect on a level of success of each member of the class. Students who are unkind or disrespectful will lose their participation points for the day.

7. Each student must be willing to work with any student that he/she is assigned. Partner-work and ensemble work is an essential part of theatre performance.

8. Written work will be collected on the day that was given as a due date. Work late will be accepted with a 10% reduction in grade for each day that it is late.

9. Students must continually stretch themselves to reach their full potential. A student who chooses to do only what is easy will not reach the top of the grading scale.

10. HAVE FUN!!!


Grading will be on a total points basis. Each assignment, test, and participation will be assigned points that will total up to your final grade.

Extra credit will be available to any students that see a theatre production on their own time and write a one page, double spaced report about what they saw. DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE THE SHOW. They must include their reaction to good (and bad) acting choices and tech work. Limit 2 shows.”