Band Information

Welcome to the Band Program at South Jordan Middle School!  I feel very fortunate to be able to work with such a fine group of musicians.  As a member of the band, much will be expected from you.  Below are the requirements for band, which are important for your success:


  • 30% Class participation and preparedness
  • 20% Practice Slips
  • 25% Performances and additional rehearsals
  • 25% Playing tests, written tests, and worksheets

Students are required to turn in a practice slip every Tuesday with parent and student signatures.


All students must be prepared with a good quality instrument.  If you play clarinet, flute, alto saxophone, trumpet, or trombone you will need to provide your own instrument.  If you need help deciding where to rent or buy let me know.  If you play tuba, baritone, french horn, bassoon, oboe, percussion, baritone saxophone, or tenor saxophone you may rent an instrument from the school for $80.  All percussionists must have a percussion kit as their home instrument containing a practice pad, bell set, medium rubber mallets, and drum sticks.  Also, concert and symphonic percussionists are required to pay a $80 district fee in order to play the instruments.  In addition, please be prepared with the following:

  • Concert Band Percussion – Medium Hard Marimba Yarn Mallets
  • Symphonic Band Percussion – General Timpani Mallets

Books required:

Beginning Band:

  • Sound Innovations book 1, Alfred Publishing.
  • Winning Rhythms, Edward L. Ayola

Beginning Percussion:

  • Developing the Percussionist – Musician book 1, by Mike Huestis

Concert Band:

  • Sound Innovations book 2, Alfred Publishing.
  • Winning Rhythms, Edward L. Ayola

Symphonic Band:

  • Foundations for Superior Performance, by Williams & King

Please buy specific to the instrument.  NOTE: additional books may be required later on in the year.

Being prepared means:

Having instrument in working order, cork and slide grease or valve oil, reeds, sheet music, music book, and pencil EVERYDAY!  Students unprepared will receive an alternate assignment for their daily grade.  For 100% of participation grade you are expected to do your personal best during class.

Extra Help:

I am available before and after school for extra help when needed.  See me for an appointment.

Field Trips/Festivals:

Only students with a C or better grade and an S or H for citizenship may attend.  These are rewards for good behavior and class habits.

Concert Dress:

For all concerts the dress code is as follows – Boys will wear a dress shirt, dress pants, tie and dress shoes.  No jeans, sneakers, or T-shirts!  Girls will wear a dress or skirt and a blouse with dress shoes.  No very short skirts or dresses!  The way students in this ensemble dress reflect the pride in this group and school.  If there are any problems with the dress code you need to seem me well in advance of the concert.

Rewards and Consequences:

See the school wide rules in the Disclosure Statement (1. School-wide Rules / Citizenship Guidelines). This system gives you a chance to correct your behavior before it gets out of hand.  IMPORTANT: If you have any problem with these consequences, please discuss it AFTER class, never take time from the whole class to discuss this.  When asked to move, do so without argument and I will talk to you at the appropriate time.

Tardy Policy:

You MUST be getting your instrument out by the bell.  You have two minutes after the bell to have your instrument and music and be in you seat.  Any later, it will be counted as a tardy.

Students can earn bonus “Honor Band Points” (extra credit) by doing the following:

  1. Participate in a recital or public performance. (15 bonus points)
  2. Attend a concert and write up a critique on the performance. (up to 10 bonus points)
  3. Participate in extra-curricular activities – After school ensembles. (25 bonus points)
  4. ALSO: Private study with a note from your private teacher recommending you. (30 bonus points)


Remember, all students are very important individuals in a great organization of great people, having a great time as we study music and work together!