Musical Performance Courses

  1. Musical Performance Courses
    • Citizenship:  As Directors, we feel all students are already well behaved until they give reason to believe otherwise; therefore, we begin all students with “H” (Honors) Citizenship Grades.
    • Content: All South Jordan Musical Performance courses meet the standards and objectives set forth in the Utah State Core Curriculum for Beginning through Intermediate levels.
    • Late Work: See the school wide disclosure.
    • Concert Performance Attendance Policy: Absenteeism to concerts cannot be made up unless an emergency or illness occurs.  Events such as babysitting, sports, celebrations, religious activities etc. are not excusable emergencies.  To request an excuse from a performance requires a personal communication from the parent, received at least four weeks before the concert so an alternate assignment can be completed in time.  Failure to do so will result in zero points and lowering of the Citizenship Grade. Registration for this performance course pre-supposes that our student musicians desire to perform and are personally committed to attend all concert performances.
    • Religious/Culturally-related Content:
      • A Philosophical Base: South Jordan Middle School promotes respect, understanding, and inclusion of all people and cultures.
      • Academic Format: Music selected in Musical Performance Courses always focus on Standards and Objectives of the Utah State Core Curriculum. Therefore, to fulfill music history, theory, and world culture portions of the Core (Standard 3, Obj. 1, Standard 4, Obj. 2), some of the music rehearsed and performed is composed in religious contexts and contains words of religious significance. Such pieces are studied only for their musical significance, including:
        • Genre (Sacred Chorales by Bach, African-American based Gospel Spirituals)
        • Technique (Breath support, tone development, phrasing, intonation, ensemble blend/balance, etc.)
        • Musical History (Gregorian Chant)
        • Theory/Harmonic Texture (Early Polyphony, such as Motets)
        • Musical Form (Mass, Theme & Variations on sacred themes)
      • Procedure: Students desiring to abstain from rehearsing and performing such religiously/culturally-related pieces have the responsibility to inform the Director of their desire within the first five days of the course; which advance notice will to allow the Director time to either modify content, or create alternative activities for the respectively concerned students. Notification by the concerned student to the Director past the five-day window relieves the Director of liability to modify the content and/or create alternative activities.
    • Grading:  All musical performance courses assign point values to:
      • Participation: Engagement in classroom activities and compliance to rules and procedures.
      • Performance Attendance:  See Item 4 above.
      • Skill Assessments: Testing of basic skills
    • For Course-specific information regarding auditions, grading, out-of-class practice requirements, extra-credit, & supplies, etc., see: Band, Choir, and Orchestra additional information sheets.
    • Contact Information:

    Band Director: Ms. Mecqae Colligan; Rm A-3

    Choir Director: Anna Hunter; Rm A-4

    Orchestra Director: Mr. Rich Munro; Portable 5&6