Music Connections

Course Overview:

Music Connections is an extension of the K-6 Music Core and includes concepts and skills to integrate music into everyday life. Study will include explorations in creating, experiments with singing/playing/reading music, development of analytical and evaluative skills in music listening, investigations of various purposes of music, and inquiry into music´s impact on culture, history, quality of life, and other subject areas. No prerequisite course is required.

Teacher Emphasis:

Mrs. McPharlin´s class often engages students in singing, and Mr. Munro´s class engages students in creating instrumental music.


Neither Teacher has their Music Connections students perform in evening concerts. Occasionally, however, students will have assignments where they informally perform for their classroom peers.


In addition to class assignments, academic grades reflect:


See handout: Music Connections Additional Information Sheet. 10 points are awarded daily for successful adherence to the class rules & procedures. Low participation scores reflect in Citizenship Grades.

Extra Credit:

All extra-credit must be pre-approved. Extra Credit includes; out-of-school music lessons, attendance to (or performance in) Fine Arts events, and approved projects.

Late Work:

See: Disclosure, 3 & 4 School-wide Make-up & Late Work Policies. After the allowed days for excused absences have passed, late work will receive only partial credit. No late work will be received after the sixth day before the end of grading periods.


See Music Connections Additional Information sheet, provided by the Teacher.

Contact Information:

Mrs. Carolyn McPharlin (Choral Emphasis)

Room: A-4


Phone: (801) 412-2900

Mr. Rich Munro (Instrumental Emphasis)

Room: Portable 5/6


Phone: (801) 412-2900, ext. 2931