Ms. Skaggs


Registration for this performance course pre-supposes that our student performers desire to perform and are personally committed to attend all concert performances and rehearsals. Details and dates will be provided at a later date.


Course Description

Students will gain basic understanding of dance as an art form, the techniques of dancing, the elements of dance, and the creative process of improvisation and choreography.


Daily Participation

10 participation points will be awarded each day to students who are on time, dressed, prepared, participating in class and following classroom expectations. Students must be in class to receive full participation points. Students can make-up points only if the absence was excused. There is no sitting down in class unless part of the activity.


If a student is injured, they must have a doctor’s note. If a student is sick, they must have a note from their parent. If the student is injured/sick and sitting out, the student will write a one-page critique on observations from class that day to gain full points.


Proper Attire

Students are expected to come to class each day ready to dance. They will have five minutes to change and be in class from when the tardy bell rings. They will also be given five minutes to change before the bell to dismiss class rings. If a student is not dressing for the day, they must be in class when the bell rings and will not be permitted to go to the locker area until the bell rings to dismiss class.


Dress code for dance is: Black tops and bottoms. This may include leggings, capris, or some type of athletic/dance pants. We will be doing floor work, so I prefer no shorts. If shorts are worn, they need to be spandex fit and mid-thigh at the shortest. Students may decide to wear tights under their shorts. Tops may include short sleeve or tank top, as long as the tank is 2-3 fingers wide. No spaghetti straps. Shirts should not be baggy, in order to see form properly. SHIRTS MUST COVER STOMACH WHEN LIFTING ARMS. Leotard is also an option. If leotard is worn, the back should be high enough to cover any undergarment. NOTE: Social/Ballroom dance students may wear more athletic/looser fit. Boys may wear gym shorts.


Students will dance bare foot. If hair gets in the way or becomes a distraction they will be asked to put it up. If student is not dressed or not in appropriate dance wear, they will lose points and asked to change.


Late Work

Late work is docked 5% each day it is late up to 40% off. After that, they will receive only 60% of what they earned on the assignment. It must be turned into the late box, with the date they turned it in written at the top.


If a student misses a day, they are personally responsible for getting with a classmate and learning what missed. They will need to turn in any assignment they missed the next day.


Extra Credit/Make-up Work

Students will be given a list of assignments they can complete if they want to do extra credit or make-up work for days missed. Students can earn up to 30 points extra credit. There is no limit to the amount of excused absences students can make up.


Dance Concert

You will be required to perform in an end of semester dance concert. The date and time for this performance will be specified at a later date. Absenteeism to concerts cannot be made up unless an emergency or illness occurs. Events such as babysitting, sports, celebrations, religious activities etc. are not excusable emergencies. To request an excuse from a performance I need communication from a parent or guardian at least two weeks before the concert so an alternate assignment can be completed in time. A list of dates for performance and dress rehearsal will be given at the beginning of the semester.



You are expected to be prepared with all locker items including dance clothes, personal hygiene items, hair ties/bobby pins, and a water bottle. Bring your water bottle to class daily. There is no drinking fountain in the studio. You will also need to get a dance journal and pen/pencil. The journal should be standard size and can be as simply as a 3-ring notebook.



There are occasional days when we will use phones in class for music or technology for dance projects. Any other day, cell-phones need to remain in gym/dance locker.


Class Fee

There will be a ten-dollar class fee. This will cover costs of costume and prop usage.



Students will be given the opportunity to attend a fieldtrip to watch a dance concert during second semester. Students are asked to pay a five-dollar donation if possible to cover transportation costs. Notes will be sent home within the first two weeks with details of dates. Students must have at least satisfactory citizenship to attend the concert.


Additional Hours

If students need additional help or support, I will be at South Jordan before School and at South Hills after school. Please email me if an additional meeting time needs to be set up. I am happy to help with anything I can.