Manufacturing Technology (Woods)

Course Overview:

The objective of Manufacturing Technology courses is to enable the student to develop skills in career and shop procedures through hands on experiences and to work and function in group activities.

Missing and Late Work:

After an assignment has been completed in class, students will have one (1) week to turn in the assignment for full credit. All work handed in late will receive half (1/2) credit up till the cutoff date for the assignment, after the cut off date zero (0) credit will be available.


In Manufacturing Technology 1 and 2 , students earn their grade on the total points earned from participation points, daily work habits, being on time to class, assignments and projects. Grade percentage breakdown is as follows:

Participation = 20%

Shop work habits (daily and weekly) = 60%

Assignments and projects = 20%


The participation grade will be based on twenty five (25) points per week using the following criteria:

5pts-Daily shop clean up

5pts-Being on time to class

5pts-Being prepared daily

10pts-Being on task, attentive, participation in class discussions, be on time to class, positive behavior or actions, being prepared, etc.

Participation grades and tardies can be made up by written reports or after school makeup sessions.

Shop Assignments:

Students are expected to do the assignments and projects and turn them in for grading upon completion and by the due dates. *Each student will also earn twenty (20) points per week for their efforts in the shop and for doing the assigned tasks for that week. These points will be earned by the student by working each day to the best of their ability and being on task in class.

Safety is the priority in the shop. Students who are excluded from the shop for safety reasons will be assigned written assignments until they can demonstrate they are ready to return to the shop. The parents will be notified and/or informed of the problem or violation and asked to assist in solving the problems.


If a student is absent he/she will be denied their daily shop work habit points and will have to make the points up.


Students will be responsible to pay for all the material that will be used or needed to construct and build their projects. They will also be required to purchase a pair of safety glasses. The estimated costs for the Manufacturing Technology courses are as follows:

Manufacturing Technology 1
Projects: $15.00 to $25.00
Safety glasses (If purchased from the school): $3.50

Manufacturing Technology 2
Projects $15.00 to $50.00
Safety glasses (If purchased from the school): $3.50


Fees in the Manufacturing Technology program are estimates and may very depending on the personal projects constructed by the student.