Computer Technology

Course Overview:

This class is a semester course for 9th graders that completes the high school Computer Literacy requirement for graduation. It is designed to help students master some skills that will help them be successful in high school, college and on the job. The course material is diversified, challenging, and critical to success in today´s technologically advanced society! Students will be given the opportunity to take the Utah State Computer Technology Competency Test and if they pass, will earn a Certificate of Competency from the Utah State Office of Education.

Due Dates:

After an assignment has been completed in class, students will have 1 week to turn in the assignment for full credit. All work handed in late will receive half credit through the teacher cut-off date.

Ethics Policy:

Students who are caught copying other student´s work, or students who share their papers to be copied will both receive a “0” on that assignment.


The students will need to have a 3-ring binder to keep all of their materials in. The students will receive a note packet that they will need to bring to class every day. All of the assignments they do in class should be kept in this binder so they can use them as review materials for the state test.

Teacher Availability:

Teachers will be available every morning before school or after school Tuesday-Thursday until 3:20.

Contact Information:

If you need to contact us, you can call the school (412-2900) or email us at or

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