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Exploring Technology Addendum

Exploring Technology is a hands-on semester class that explores various technologies, applies math and science knowledge, and gives students a chance to develop problem-solving skills. Possible topics covered include transportation, power and energy, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, healthcare, and information technology/multimedia. Sample projects include posters, buttons, computer games, CO2 Cars, and hydraulic robot arms.

Due Dates

Students will have one week following a due date to turn in an assignment for full credit. Assignments turned in two weeks late will lose 25%, and three weeks late lose 50%. Assignments more than three weeks late will not receive credit. Starters cannot be made up.


Students will be graded based on three categories:

  • Participation (20%)
  • Assignments (30%)
  • Projects/Tests (50%)

Tech Labs

Students are expected to show appropriate behavior, follow all lab rules and respect equipment within the labs at all times. Failure to do so will result in losing lab privileges and the student will complete a written assignment instead. Students will be responsible for any deliberate damages.

Cell Phone / Mobile Device Policy

Cell phones and other mobile devices are not to be used in class, unless the teacher gives permission. Ear buds should be out of ears and out of sight. If a student is caught using a device without permission, the device will be moved into “cell phone prison” and the following consequences will be enforced:

  • 1st Offense: Device goes to prison until end of period, lose 5 points participation, name added to offenders list
  • 2nd Offense: Device goes to prison for the rest of the day; lose 10 points participation, citizenship drops a grade
  • 3rd Offense: Device goes to prison and then transfers to attendance office. Lose points and citizenship, parents contacted.
  • 4th Offense: Device goes to office again, lose points, citizenship and class technology/activity privileges, administration contacted.


Safety is a priority at all times during hands on projects. Safety guidelines are clearly covered in class and students will be required to pass a general safety test before using any equipment. Lab privileges will be revoked for any student displaying unsafe behavior.

Lab Fee

There is a $10 lab fee, to be paid to the secretary in the main office.

Teacher Availability

I am available Tuesday – Thursday before or after school until 3:20 or by appointment. Email me questions or concerns at Missing assignments, tutorials, powerpoints, etc for all of my classes can be found at