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Business Office Specialist Addendum

Course Description:  

This course applies advanced concepts using word processing, spreadsheets, and electronic presentation software. Students have the opportunity to obtain a Microsoft Office Specialist industry certificate through Microsoft and Certiport.

Grading Procedures:  

The student will earn a grade based on the following:

  • Assignments ...............................................10% of the total grade
  • Practice Exams ...........................................30% of the total grade
  • Assessments and Certifications............... 60% of the total grade


If an absence does occur, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure their work is made up before the unit closes.

Make Up Policy:  

This is a business class to prepare students for the business world.  Strict deadlines will be enforced to promote sound business practices.  Work turned in after the due date will be given a maximum score of 70% of its original value.

All work must be turned in before the end of a unit which is the day of the certification exam. If a student is absent the day of the exam, they must make arrangements with the teacher the day they return from the unexpected absence.  Students missing class because of vacation, must make up work prior to the absence.

How to Make Arrangements with the Teacher for Help Outside of Class Time:

I want EVERY student to succeed. I am available 30 minutes before and after school. Please let me know if you want to meet with me so I can plan accordingly.

Citizenship Grade is based on the PROWL Code of Conduct.

All students start with a satisfactory grade.  Honors grades are reserved for those students who are often found helping students outside their own circle of friends, without being asked. Rewards for following this code are personal integrity and messages to parents/guardians.  Consequences for not following this code are nonverbal/verbal reminders, meeting with teacher and parent, behavior contracts, and referral to administration.

Curriculum Related Media:  

Movies will only be used to support learning material and state curriculum.  The following movies may be shown, in full or in part, to support the curriculum:  Ferdinand, Hugo, Second Hand Lions, The Sandlot, and Wonder.

Jordan School District policy requires advance notice before showing these movies. If you would like your student to be given an alternate assignment, contact Mrs. DeLand within one week of the semester start-date.