Special Education

The Special Education Department here at SJMS provides academic support to students with IEPs or 504 plans. We have an ID unit for students with intellectual disabilities as well as a High Functioning Autism unit in our building. We also serve students in a resource setting. We offer courses in Mathematics, Reading, Language Arts, and Study Skills.

Department Members

Photo of Annelise Baggett
Annelise Baggett Language Arts Department
Classroom Room 214
Photo of Terry Engh
Terry Engh Instructional Assistant
Classroom A-15
Photo of Ms. Sandra Macdougall-Jacobs
Ms. Sandra Macdougall-Jacobs School Psychologist
Work Phone: 801-412-2945
Photo of Rebecca McPartland
Rebecca McPartland Speech-Language Pathologist
Classroom Media Center Work Phone: 801-412-2920
Photo of Ms. Jordan Williams
Ms. Jordan Williams Teacher Special Education