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The Social Studies department at South Jordan Middle School offers the following courses:

  • Utah Studies: A one-semester course for 7th grade students covering Utah’s past, present, and future.
  • US History 8 and US History 8H: A year-long course for 8th graders covering the history of the United States from the Age of Exploration through Reconstruction. An honors-level course is also offered.
  • Geography for Life and Honors Geography for Life: A year-long course for 9th graders covering the physical and cultural elements of the world’s regions.
  • AP Human Geography: A year-long course for college-bound students focusing on the distribution and characteristics of human life on the Earth.

Online Textbooks

8th Grade U.S. HistoryEnter A45590DFA4 in the Student Login box at the top of the page.

AP Human Geography:

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