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Employee of the Month – February 2013 – Mecqae Colligan



Comments from coworker nominations:

I can say that Mecqae is an incredible teacher. Who else can control 75+ students at one time, while mentally assessing what sound they are producing, while waving their arms so fluently? NO ONE!!! If you have never had the chance to go in and observe her, you must. She is one of the best at what she does. PLUS she gives so much extra time for the love of her craft and her student.

Always the professional, Ms. Colligan sets high standards for her students, and she successfully empowers each of them to achieve those standards. This is why her Bands are among the finest I have ever heard. Her teaching methods are tried, true, and effective. Because she is a life-long learner, she also seeks new cutting-edge teaching methods. Virtually all of her efforts as a Music Educator are devoted to improving the musicianship of her students, and her efforts are validated by the polished performances of her ensembles. Always the friend, I cannot think of a colleague whom I have personally valued more than Mecqae. She truly cares about people, one person at a time. I know I can always count on Mecqae for encouragement and support. This is why I will always do the same for her.

Mecqae really helps to make So Jo Shine in the community. Her band performances are always a highlight for parents! She is enthusiastic, energetic, and always positive in her teaching. Her students love band because of her. While students are at So Jo, they develop a musical skill for life. She works many long hours making sure she is prepared to give students the very best. She also puts in many hours working with the Marching Band at Bingham. She is always happy and kind to her co-workers. She is well respected in our school. (more…)

Employee of the Month – February 2013 – Jennifer Spencer


photoComments from coworker nominations:

Jennifer does a wonderful job helping students who need a little extra assistance. Her patience helps these students build confidence in themselves and also helps them learn valuable skills that allow them to find success. Jennifer’s work may may appear to go unnoticed but she definitely deserves thanks and recognition for her efforts.

Mrs. Spencer is fantastic! We truly don’t know what we would do without her. She is well-organized. She gets along with the students and helps them with their work. She is friendly and happy and we love having her. I can’t say enough good about Mrs. Spencer. She’s dependable and does her work here cheerfully, even when it’s difficult.

Jennifer is such a delight to have working at SOJO. She is always ready and willing to jump in and help with any assistance that is needed. Her relationships with the students are always positive and motivating. She truly appreciates the students and their efforts. She keeps a high standard for them to achieve and does what is needed to assist kids in reaching high goals. She is warm and sincere. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help all kids. She is friendly to all and it seems she always has a smile on her face. Thanks for being such a wonderful colleague. (more…)

Employee of the Month – January 2013 – Meade Mackay


mackayComments from coworker nominations:

Meade is a great addition to the Special Ed team. He is easy going, kind and thoughtful. He has great insight into the students and their needs. He is very knowledgable and good to share information and is also very interested in learning new concepts and styles. He is a great team player. We are glad to have Meade as part of the SoJo family.

It is great to have Meade at So Jo this year. He is energetic, enthusiastic, and has great concern for students. He provides a learning environment where all students are engaged in learning, and show respect. He is always friendly to other staff members, and has done a great job on the Sunshine Committee. We are lucky he chose to come to SoJo!

I first time I knew of Meade was when he called the school to set up a time to interview for the special ed position. He was very kind on the phone and had a calm pleasant voice. I spent a few minutes speaking with him and was immediately impressed with his professionalism. I told Mr McLeod to look at him closely when interviewing and was totally delighted when the interview team chose Meade to be a part of the special ed team. Since that day I continue to be impressed with Meade and have since learned that he has a great sense of humor, as well. Meade, we welcome you to SO JO. (more…)

Employee of the Month – January 2013 – Gloria Stover


Comments from coworker nominations:

Wow talk about a great lady. She is kind and thoughtful. She is great at her job. She completes the paperwork and other tasks that are asked of her with a smile. She is upbeat and funny. She is a good friend. We love having her here at SoJo with us.

Gloria has the best smile EVER!. She is always pleasant and positive even when things aren’t alway going the best! I appreciate that she is always willing to help where ever she can even though if may not have anything to do with job description. Thanks Gloria… you are the BEST!

What does one say about a person who has done so much to help students move forward in getting their schoolwork done? Gloria is wonderful. She works so hard to help students. We couldn’t do even half of what we do without her! Thanks for being here at SoJo! (more…)

Employee of the Month – December 2012 – Debbie Mitchell


Deb is an excellent person who has a wonderful personality. She always is caring about students. She is constantly making people smile and laugh. She truly is a student advocate. She gives her best effort in keeping SOJO students safe at all times. She works hard each day to make our school safe for kids and staff. I am glad she works for SOJO.

Debbie does a great job monitoring the halls here at SoJo. She always greets me with a friendly smile and does a good job being out and among the students. I appreciate her.

Debbie Mitchell is a one of a kind and I mean that in a positive way. She is funny, compassionate and yet she can be strict and hard-nosed with students when needed. Students love her and she hands out airheads or suckers to kids who are “caught’ doing good things in the halls. No matter where Debbie is she give 100 %. Thanks, Debbie!

Debbie is like the sun. There’s only one Debbie but her influence is felt throughout the building. Whether it is covering classes, assisting with lockers, monitoring the cafe, or helping in the halls or at bus duty…Debbie is everywhere and is constantly on the go. Debbie, thank you for helping with the countless situations that arise on a daily basis. Thank you for helping kids safe and SoJo running smoothly. (more…)

Employee of the Month – December 2012 – Dixie Dansie


Comments from coworker nominations.

Ms. Dansie is one of a kind. She goes above and beyond to give her students a lifetime experience in her classroom. She advocates for students. She communicates well. Her students achieve high marks. She truly makes a difference every day in the lives of SOJO students.

It is so much fun to have Dixie back here at SoJo. She is an excellent teacher and a great friend. As a teacher, I’ve been really impressed with her program of inviting different career professionals into her classroom. This must be a lot of work to organize but what a valuable experience for the students. Dixie is also a great friend. She is kind, and she takes care to ask how I am doing, inquires about my family, and just generally shows interest in others. She is terrific!

Dixie is a fabulous teacher! She does a great job with CTE Careers and has fun while she’s at it! She worked really hard to transform her room from that barren computer lab to a functional, colorful and interesting classroom. I really admire her work ethic. Dixie is also a good friend and always wants to know how I’m doing. She’s sweet and I’m so happy she’s here at SoJo! (more…)

Employee of the Month – November 2012 – Lindsey Morrill


Comments from coworker nominations:

Lindsey is great to work with (you couldn’t ask for better), she is always here early getting ready for her students and getting lesson prepared for the day. She has so much energy I don’t even try to keep up with her. Lindsey is a great example of a caring teacher who wants her students to

Lindsey makes learning fun…whether it be launching rockets or racing CO2 cars. She cares about students and helps them find success. She also works hard as the head of the Sunshine committee to make SOJO such a fun place to work. Lindsey, thanks for all you do!

Miss Morrill is a dedicated teacher. She spends many extra hours working on new things to have her students do in class. They are very lucky to have her as a teacher. (more…)

Employee of the Month – November 2012 – Shaundi Patterson


Comments from coworker nominations. Ms. Patterson is an aide in the high-functioning autism classroom.

Shaundi does an amazing job working with our students who have extra needs. She is very supportive of both students and teachers. She helps students bridge the gap between the presentation of information and the application of information. She is also extremely patient and has a great sense of humor. Shaundi thank you for all of your help and efforts at SoJo!

Shaundi goes above an beyond anything I ask of her. She donates hours and hours of help toward the students. She will even take home materials to help teach and prepare students for tests and large assignments. She has amazing patience and compassion toward even the most difficult student. I would be lost without her. Shaundi is absolutely amazing. (more…)

Employee of the Month – October 2012 – Natalie Bowen


Comments from Employee of the Month Nomination Forms

Natalie is not only a competent teacher, but a great friend. She has been a great support to me during my mother’s passing and my husband’s illness. We have daughter’s the same age and have supported each other through the trauma of parenthood and all this she did with smile. What a great friend.

Thank you for all you do for the success of the reading department here at SOJO. You are awesome to work with and you do a great job of keeping us organized and on top of things- Thank you

Natalie Bowen is an amazing teacher and colleague, and she is a pleasure to work with. Her positive, happy attitude and contagious laugh always brighten my day. She has the ability to quickly analyze ideas during collaboration to best help her students and colleagues. The SoJo language arts and reading departments are definitely benefited by her expertise and care. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to work closely with her each day.

Natalie is an incredible educator who works tirelessly for the success of student achievement. She is a wonderful team player and is very creative in her lessons. She is willing to share of her knowledge with others and is always finding ways to make her students more successful. She has a wonderful sense of humor.

Employee of the Month – October 2012 – Bert Chamberlain


Comments from Employee of the Month Nomination Forms

Bert is awesome! He always says hi to me and is willing to help out with a problem. He’s a cheerful fellow, and every morning when I walk past his office, he’s smiling. That smile is infectious!

Bert is always there to rescue us, whether it is getting boxes from high shelves or bringing us boxes of books and papers. He is dependable and always friendly.

Thank you Bert for all you do around the school. You are very kind and helpful. We appreciate you.

I truly appreciate Bert and all he does for our school. He is always there to help whenever or wherever he is needed, and he does so with a smile on his face and an eager attitude. He is definitely an asset to our school as he works hard to keep things running smoothly. Thanks, Bert!

Hurray!!! I’m so glad to see Bert as EOM… Bert’s the man !!! Bert is a great guy, he will always stop what ever he’s doing to help students with their lockers,or teachers and staff with whatever they are needing help with. He’s got my vote.. How about Bert for President. Oh yeah !!

Bert is great! I have noticed as he quietly goes about keeping the school clean, he does so without complaining. Even when students are in the way….he quietly and politely asked if you can move so he can get the work done. Thanks, Bert!

Bert is always willing to drop whatever he is doing and help. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked him to fix a problem and find it’s fixed, done, complete, he is the BEST!!

Bert is always willing to assist where needed. He also takes on projects for the betterment of our school. He cares about the kids and is a hard worker. Even if it is only for half time. Thanks for all you do.