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March Employees of the Month


Congratulations to these fine employees of South Jordan Middle! They have been selected as Employees of the Month for March. We are lucky to have you!

Angela Huntington – Media Center Specialist

Angela H


Angela, what would we do without Angela? She is always friendly and cheerful and it’s obvious she is glad to be here. I appreciate all she does to help in the media center. She’s awesome!

Angela- You are always so positive and friendly.  I love that the speech office is in the library, so we get to chat now and then. Congrats on Employee of the Month!

Angela always has a beautiful smile for everyone. And makes going to the Library a pleasure.  She does a wonderful and efficient job.  What a pleasure it is working with her!


Jen Spencer – Aide

Jennifer S

Jennifer is amazing! She has dedicated her years here to helping both students and teachers. We are lucky to have Jennifer on the SoJo team!

Jennifer Spencer has been wonderful to with. She is sensitive to students’ needs. She is quick to think of problems that may arise in my class. She gives insight that I could not have seen on my own. She is always kind and happy when I see her in the hall.

Jen- You are soooo awesome!  I don’t know what I’d do without you finding those “hidden” files for the speech only kids that I never seem to locate.  I love working with you, and I hope we get to work together next year, too.  Keep being amazing! -Cassie Kartchner


Mandi Jensen – FACS

Mandi J


Mandi always has positive energy and is optimistic about all situations. Mandi not only enhances the learning environment but the atmosphere as well. Those of us who share a hall with her always know when she is cooking something up! She cares about all of her students and extends a helping hand to those in need.

Mandi is a great teacher, and I enjoy working with her here at SoJo. When you walk into her room, you immediately see how creative and organized she is. She has created a fun atmosphere, and students love her classes. Students learn food and nutrition skills that they will use for a lifetime.     She is always positive, kind, and willing to help where she is needed. She should get an “above and beyond” award for all of the hours she puts in shopping and preparing for her Foods classes. Congratulations Mandi on receiving a very deserving award!

Mandi makes FACS fun and tasty. She gives her students a lot of important, life-benefiting information in her curriculum.


Jessica Larsen – ELA

Jessica L

Jessica is a talented teacher. She truly cares about her students and wants them to do well. Jessica is a good friend to all and absolutely deserves this recognition!

Jessica has a bubbly personality and is fun to be around. She has been a lot of help this year with all of her tips in our PAWS meetings. Way to be Jessica

Jessica is the type of person who makes you smile.  She is genuine, caring, supportive, and a true educator who does what is necessary to teach her students.  SJMS is so lucky to have her on our team.  She is awesome.  Our students are better for having Jessica teach them in class.



November Employees of the Month


Ms. Natalie Rudel


*We are happy Natalie is on our So Jo Staff. She is a great Spanish teacher, and students enjoy being in her class. She provides a learning atmosphere that helps students want to do their best. Her room always has a fun and exciting atmosphere.   She works hard to give students a variety of learning styles so she can reach all students. She definitely shows that her heart is in all of the work she does at So Jo. Congratulations Natalie!

*Natalie has been a great addition to our SOJO team in the 1+ years she’s been here. She is very experienced and is always willing to share her expertise with teachers that may have a challenging situation. You can tell that she cares about her job and making a difference in the lives of students is really important for her. She’s a great teacher and colleague!

*Natalie exudes positive energy. She’s always friendly and fun to be around. That transfers to her classroom and the students enjoy her class. She’s also organized and pushes her students to achieve at levels beyond their expectations. She’s a great asset to our school.


Officer Campbell


*Officer Campbell is AMAZING.  He is such a wonderful, positive asset to our school.  I always see him working with kids and faculty to improve our school and make us all feel safe.  He works hard at knowing the kids and I often see him just talking to and getting to know kids better.  I appreciate that he is so involved with everyone.  He even recommended a place for me to go to dinner on my birthday. We went and it was great!   Thank you for all you do for us, Officer Campbell.

*It is awesome to have Officer Campbell here at So Jo!   He is always polite and friendly, and welcomes any of our concerns. He shows respect for students and they in turn show respect for him. This creates a comfortable safe atmosphere at So Jo. We appreciate all of the work he does to help keep our school safe.

*Officer Campbell is amazing with students.  Not only does he care about his duties as our resource officer but he cares about each student individually.  He really is a huge resource for students, teachers, counselors, parents and administration.   Many kids have commented on how cool our officer is, and I believe it is because they can see how much he cares about them.

October Employees of the Month


Mr. Spencer Young


Spencer is a fantastic person and employee. He is always so upbeat and positive in his interactions with students and staff members. He has a great sense of humor. He is very dependable and reliable. He is also eager to chip in and help whenever help is needed. I am glad he is a part of our school.

It has been a real privilege working with Spencer the past few years. I have been so impressed with his hard work and organization in every project he is asked to do. The dreaded end of year testing goes smooth because of his diligence in getting computers, and schedules prepared, and his calm demeanor and attitude brings my anxiety down a notch or two. The patience and care he displays with students is admirable.  We are very fortunate to have him on our team, he is a big part of what makes our school great!

Spencer has done a wonderful job as both a Counselor, and in his responsibility for Testing here at SOJO.  Last year, when there were many new testing guidelines to meet, Spencer was an invaluable asset to teachers in setting up and administering the various tests.  He did an excellent job with what was certainly a daunting responsibility and through much hard work, made sure that he met and even exceeded the requirements necessary for SOJO to complete the mandated tests.


Mr. Kris Stidd

Kris has been a fantastic addition to the SoJo Team. He is always quick to respond to technology problems. He is also very kind and patient with me when I have technology needs. He is aware of school wide issues and works his hardest to find solutions to our tech problems. I am so glad he is part of SoJo’s Family.

Kris is a fantastic addition to the faculty here. He has fixed probably 1038959550 computer problems in the last few weeks. In one day, he diagnosed the problem with my computer, fixed everything, backed up my files, and upgraded it– without ever making me feel stupid or ignorant. He is the best!

Kris is a great addition to our school!   His knowledge of technology has helped me so many times already this year, and it is only September. He never leaves until he has solved the problem, or has a plan for the problem. He is always kind, understanding, and willing to spend the time for each situation we encounter. He has a fun personality and is great to work with!

Employee of the Month – June 2013 – Jill Hunsaker


Jill is amazing. If you do not know Jill you need to come down to the attendance office and meet her. Jill works in Chaos Central and does it with a smile. She is always friendly and willing to help others out. She makes all patrons feel welcome and seeks to help students feel comfortable and safe. Jill, thanks for all you do!

I don’t really know Jill, but I do know she does a lot of good work for us and helps the attendance office to run smoothly.

Jill is a terrific worker and person.  She cares deeply about the students of Sojo.  She also is so friendly and helpful to the parents who enter the doors.  She has a great sense of humor and she is a joy to be around.  Thanks for all of your hard work, Jill.  It is really appreciated. (more…)

Employee of the Month – May 2013 – Carolyn McPharlin


mcpharlinTrying to get 50 seventh grade boys to sing…and sound good…who would even attempt that? Carolyn! Carolyn does a great job with the choir classes. She is caring, patient, and fair. Carolyn, the choir groups always sound great. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to help the students develop their talents and skills.

Carolyn McPharlin’s choir always sounds wonderful. Her efforts have really paid off!

Carolyn is a terrific person who puts her whole heart and soul into her classes.   She truly has the best interest of her students at heart when she prepares for classes and for concerts.  She knows the value of music and the powerful influence it has on students.  Way to go Carolyn, you are the Employee of the Month.  Congratulations.

When Carolyn was ill recently, students were very concerned.  I heard some students comment that she was their favorite teacher.  She has been a great choir teacher and she will surely be missed next year. (more…)

Employee of the Month – May 2013 – Carla Palmer


Carla is always able to help me when I am in a tight spot.  She is the best!

Carla does a great job keeping the copy center up and running smoothly. There are many demands placed on here and limited time to accomplish these tasks. Carla, thank you for all you do to keep the copies flowing.

Carla Palmer runs an extremely efficient copy center and where we would be without her, I shudder to think! She is amazing!

Carla does a wonderful job in the copy room. I can’t imagine juggling so many requests in such a limited time frame. She has often gone the extra mile for me and I truly appreciate her. (more…)

Employee of the Month – April 2013 – Steve Golding


goldingComments from coworker nominations:

Steve gets the job done. He is a top-notch fellow. He is a master Woodworker and the students are lucky to have him as their teacher.

Steve is one of those people you can always depend upon. Along with being a great teacher by teaching his students valuable skills, you can often find him making or repairing things for teachers that help them in their classroom. He always does this so willingly and with a smile on his face. He is often not noticeable around the school because he is busy in his room with sawdust, noisy machines, and varnish. However, we all see the wonderful finished projects his students make and create. It takes a man of steel to have as many students as he has in some periods and keep them all safe while working around all of those cutting machines. We are lucky to have him at our school and for the program he has built up! Congratulations Steve.

Steve is so great! I’ve watched most of the teachers at this school come to him with shop-related projects, and he’s always willing to help them out. He’s put together a great woods program, and students love him and his classes. Over the years, Steve has helped me with so many random projects (even diagnosing car problems). He’s been a friendly face and a listening ear from the first day I came to this school, and I’m so grateful to be able to work with him! (more…)

Employee of the Month – April 2013 – Maxine Holt


holtComments from coworker nominations:

Maxine is tried and true. She runs the computer labs with skill and efficiency. What would we do without her? I shudder to think.

She is wonderful. She always makes sure my kids are included and if we are having trouble with any computer issue she is right there helping. I really appreciate her help.

What a wonderful nomination!!! Maxine is one of the nicest people in this building. She does her job well and is always kind to everyone, students and staff alike.

Maxine is the kindest person! She is so helpful and knowledgeable in the computer labs. She is genuinely concerned about each student and teacher and goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome and successful in the lab. (more…)

Employee of the Month – March 2013 – Caroline Canady


canadyComments from coworker nominations:

Caroline Canady is amazing! She is incredibly reliable and capable. I can count on her. She has become a good friend. Mrs. Canady understands the students and works unceasingly to meet their needs. She not only works well with students, she collaborates well with faculty members. She’s the best!

Caroline is truly a student advocate. She does an amazing job working with students of all ability levels. She is able to meet student needs and help them improve through her calm, caring approach. Caroline, thank you for all that you do for the students and teachers at SoJo. (more…)

Employee of the Month – March 2013 – Laura Wyllie


Comments from coworker nominations:

Laura is totally amazing. She and I have work together for the past two years with students in my class. She does an outstanding job helping the students get their work in, helping them understand concepts and pushing the students to do as much as they can on their own. She and I are so happy to see our students do well on tests because they have participated fully in science class and they have learned the material. She has also been known to help other students in my class on their work as well as allowing them to help her students. I know I could not reach these students without her! Thank you for all your support in my class Laura. You are the BEST!

Laura is an amazing person to work with. She is always thinking of and doing things for those around her. She motivates people to become better themselves. Laura is incredible with the students she works with. She is very aware of each of their needs, and helps each one work towards achieving their potential. She has come up with several great ideas that have been implemented within the classroom. She is wonderful to work with and all consider her a great friend. It is a great privilege to work with her. (more…)