December Students of the Month

Congratulations to those students who were selected to be Students of the Month for December. We’re grateful for your hard work and dedication to our school! Congratulation!

Preston P - 7th

Preston P – 7th

Jacob A - 7th

Jacob A – 7th

Mia B - 7th

Mia B – 7th

Ashley T - 7th

Ashley T – 7th

Jake D - 8th

Jake D – 8th

Chad H - 8th

Chad H – 8th

Emily S - 8th

Emily S – 8th

Kelsey H - 8th

Kelsey H – 8th

Hayden b - 9th

Hayden b – 9th

Carter S - 9th

Carter S – 9th

Hailey B - 9th

Hailey B – 9th

Millie R - 9th

Millie R – 9th