November Employees of the Month

Ms. Natalie Rudel


*We are happy Natalie is on our So Jo Staff. She is a great Spanish teacher, and students enjoy being in her class. She provides a learning atmosphere that helps students want to do their best. Her room always has a fun and exciting atmosphere.   She works hard to give students a variety of learning styles so she can reach all students. She definitely shows that her heart is in all of the work she does at So Jo. Congratulations Natalie!

*Natalie has been a great addition to our SOJO team in the 1+ years she’s been here. She is very experienced and is always willing to share her expertise with teachers that may have a challenging situation. You can tell that she cares about her job and making a difference in the lives of students is really important for her. She’s a great teacher and colleague!

*Natalie exudes positive energy. She’s always friendly and fun to be around. That transfers to her classroom and the students enjoy her class. She’s also organized and pushes her students to achieve at levels beyond their expectations. She’s a great asset to our school.


Officer Campbell


*Officer Campbell is AMAZING.  He is such a wonderful, positive asset to our school.  I always see him working with kids and faculty to improve our school and make us all feel safe.  He works hard at knowing the kids and I often see him just talking to and getting to know kids better.  I appreciate that he is so involved with everyone.  He even recommended a place for me to go to dinner on my birthday. We went and it was great!   Thank you for all you do for us, Officer Campbell.

*It is awesome to have Officer Campbell here at So Jo!   He is always polite and friendly, and welcomes any of our concerns. He shows respect for students and they in turn show respect for him. This creates a comfortable safe atmosphere at So Jo. We appreciate all of the work he does to help keep our school safe.

*Officer Campbell is amazing with students.  Not only does he care about his duties as our resource officer but he cares about each student individually.  He really is a huge resource for students, teachers, counselors, parents and administration.   Many kids have commented on how cool our officer is, and I believe it is because they can see how much he cares about them.