October Employees of the Month

Mr. Spencer Young


Spencer is a fantastic person and employee. He is always so upbeat and positive in his interactions with students and staff members. He has a great sense of humor. He is very dependable and reliable. He is also eager to chip in and help whenever help is needed. I am glad he is a part of our school.

It has been a real privilege working with Spencer the past few years. I have been so impressed with his hard work and organization in every project he is asked to do. The dreaded end of year testing goes smooth because of his diligence in getting computers, and schedules prepared, and his calm demeanor and attitude brings my anxiety down a notch or two. The patience and care he displays with students is admirable.  We are very fortunate to have him on our team, he is a big part of what makes our school great!

Spencer has done a wonderful job as both a Counselor, and in his responsibility for Testing here at SOJO.  Last year, when there were many new testing guidelines to meet, Spencer was an invaluable asset to teachers in setting up and administering the various tests.  He did an excellent job with what was certainly a daunting responsibility and through much hard work, made sure that he met and even exceeded the requirements necessary for SOJO to complete the mandated tests.


Mr. Kris Stidd

Kris has been a fantastic addition to the SoJo Team. He is always quick to respond to technology problems. He is also very kind and patient with me when I have technology needs. He is aware of school wide issues and works his hardest to find solutions to our tech problems. I am so glad he is part of SoJo’s Family.

Kris is a fantastic addition to the faculty here. He has fixed probably 1038959550 computer problems in the last few weeks. In one day, he diagnosed the problem with my computer, fixed everything, backed up my files, and upgraded it– without ever making me feel stupid or ignorant. He is the best!

Kris is a great addition to our school!   His knowledge of technology has helped me so many times already this year, and it is only September. He never leaves until he has solved the problem, or has a plan for the problem. He is always kind, understanding, and willing to spend the time for each situation we encounter. He has a fun personality and is great to work with!