Employee of the Month – May 2013 – Carla Palmer

Carla is always able to help me when I am in a tight spot.  She is the best!

Carla does a great job keeping the copy center up and running smoothly. There are many demands placed on here and limited time to accomplish these tasks. Carla, thank you for all you do to keep the copies flowing.

Carla Palmer runs an extremely efficient copy center and where we would be without her, I shudder to think! She is amazing!

Carla does a wonderful job in the copy room. I can’t imagine juggling so many requests in such a limited time frame. She has often gone the extra mile for me and I truly appreciate her.

Carla is amazing!  She works her tail off to make sure all copies are done in a timely manner.  Most of the time she is working with one of the machines down and she still gets all of the copying done.  She is a GREAT resource to the school and many teachers would be lost without her!  Thanks for all you do Carla!!!

Carla does an amazing job of getting things completed for teachers in a timely fashion.  Her hard work makes student learning so valuable for our Sojo students.  They are so well prepared for assessments, because of the hard work Carla puts into making sure materials are ready for teachers on time.  Thanks for all you do, Carla.

Carla has been in the copy room as long as I have worked at the school, very many years.  She has lots of experience and does a wonderful job all by herself keeping everyone supplied with copies.

Carla not only runs our machines, but she works as hard as a machine!  She words under a lot of pressure – especially when machines are down.  She is organized and efficient.  She is dependable and always goes the extra mile for each teacher’s individual needs.  Carla you are a jewel.  We wold be lost without you!! Congratulations.

What would we do without Carla?  She is efficient and accommodating.  She gets our stuff copied promptly and without complaint.  Thank you so much for the millions of copies!