Employee of the Month – May 2013 – Carolyn McPharlin

mcpharlinTrying to get 50 seventh grade boys to sing…and sound good…who would even attempt that? Carolyn! Carolyn does a great job with the choir classes. She is caring, patient, and fair. Carolyn, the choir groups always sound great. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to help the students develop their talents and skills.

Carolyn McPharlin’s choir always sounds wonderful. Her efforts have really paid off!

Carolyn is a terrific person who puts her whole heart and soul into her classes.   She truly has the best interest of her students at heart when she prepares for classes and for concerts.  She knows the value of music and the powerful influence it has on students.  Way to go Carolyn, you are the Employee of the Month.  Congratulations.

When Carolyn was ill recently, students were very concerned.  I heard some students comment that she was their favorite teacher.  She has been a great choir teacher and she will surely be missed next year.

When Mrs. McPharlin came to Sojo, we had no idea we were in for such a treat.  She is an outstanding Choir teacher and is super at playing the piano.  She has created many good choirs.  She makes So Jo shine in competitions and performances.  Students say she makes choir fun, and that she is really good at teaching notes and things they need to know!  I have much respect for her and the extra effort she puts into teaching music.  I have covered her classes before and know that she has her hands full!!  Congratulations Carolyn.

Carolyn is an awesome choir teacher.  She’s enthusiastic and dedicated to music and her students. She’s a great department chair – always prepared and brimming with creative problem solutions.