Employee of the Month – June 2013 – Jill Hunsaker

Jill is amazing. If you do not know Jill you need to come down to the attendance office and meet her. Jill works in Chaos Central and does it with a smile. She is always friendly and willing to help others out. She makes all patrons feel welcome and seeks to help students feel comfortable and safe. Jill, thanks for all you do!

I don’t really know Jill, but I do know she does a lot of good work for us and helps the attendance office to run smoothly.

Jill is a terrific worker and person.  She cares deeply about the students of Sojo.  She also is so friendly and helpful to the parents who enter the doors.  She has a great sense of humor and she is a joy to be around.  Thanks for all of your hard work, Jill.  It is really appreciated.

It is nice to see Jill in our attendance office.  She is always friendly and helpful to parents and students.  She keeps calm under the pressure in that office.

Jill is such a great person.  She is always happy, and very organized.  I really enjoy job sharing with Jill she is easy to work with and we work well together.  I am happy to know her and work with her.  Congratulations Jill on making employee of the month, you deserve it!

Jill is always kind and pleasant with teachers, student, and parents.  She helps make our school look good as she greets them!  She does a good job in keeping track of students and keeping we teachers informed.  Congratulations.