Employee of the Month – March 2013 – Laura Wyllie

Comments from coworker nominations:

Laura is totally amazing. She and I have work together for the past two years with students in my class. She does an outstanding job helping the students get their work in, helping them understand concepts and pushing the students to do as much as they can on their own. She and I are so happy to see our students do well on tests because they have participated fully in science class and they have learned the material. She has also been known to help other students in my class on their work as well as allowing them to help her students. I know I could not reach these students without her! Thank you for all your support in my class Laura. You are the BEST!

Laura is an amazing person to work with. She is always thinking of and doing things for those around her. She motivates people to become better themselves. Laura is incredible with the students she works with. She is very aware of each of their needs, and helps each one work towards achieving their potential. She has come up with several great ideas that have been implemented within the classroom. She is wonderful to work with and all consider her a great friend. It is a great privilege to work with her.

Laura goes above and beyond. She spends countless hours helping in the classroom. She even takes work home with her to break it down into easier sections. She worries over every kid as if they were her own and feels just as protective. Laura is a joy to work with and the kids lover her as much as the faculty loves her. I could not do all the things I do everyday without her. She is amazing.

Laura is an amazing person who is dedicated to helping students achieve in their classrooms. She has the personality that allows her to build relationships with students which helps form that bond where the students she works with give that extra effort in their school work. We are very lucky she is a part of our staff. Thanks.