Employee of the Month – April 2013 – Steve Golding

goldingComments from coworker nominations:

Steve gets the job done. He is a top-notch fellow. He is a master Woodworker and the students are lucky to have him as their teacher.

Steve is one of those people you can always depend upon. Along with being a great teacher by teaching his students valuable skills, you can often find him making or repairing things for teachers that help them in their classroom. He always does this so willingly and with a smile on his face. He is often not noticeable around the school because he is busy in his room with sawdust, noisy machines, and varnish. However, we all see the wonderful finished projects his students make and create. It takes a man of steel to have as many students as he has in some periods and keep them all safe while working around all of those cutting machines. We are lucky to have him at our school and for the program he has built up! Congratulations Steve.

Steve is so great! I’ve watched most of the teachers at this school come to him with shop-related projects, and he’s always willing to help them out. He’s put together a great woods program, and students love him and his classes. Over the years, Steve has helped me with so many random projects (even diagnosing car problems). He’s been a friendly face and a listening ear from the first day I came to this school, and I’m so grateful to be able to work with him!

Steve is a wonderful person who has a big heart. He is a terrific Woodworker and is so skilled. He loves to create things in the wood shop that are amazing. Steve is very willing to give of his time and skills to assist another person in need. Thank you Steve for your hard work and dedication to improving and teaching wood making skills to our students.

Mr. Golding is a wonderful shop teacher; I believe he has been at our school since it opened. He is really knowledgeable and creative and can make just about anything. He just created a wonderful solution for storing skateboards in the main office. He does a great job here at SoJo.

Steve is a one of a kind teacher. There is not another teacher in the district that knows the wood shop like Steve. He helps our students with some awesome projects, not only teaching them shop skills, but life skills. I have been at the SJMS for quite a few years and I have seen him make many projects to benefit our school. For instance, right now we have the awesome skateboard holder in the main office. He is just that kind of guy and Steve is always one of the first ones to volunteer to for class coverage. Thanks Steve.. you are the BEST!