Employee of the Month – April 2013 – Maxine Holt

holtComments from coworker nominations:

Maxine is tried and true. She runs the computer labs with skill and efficiency. What would we do without her? I shudder to think.

She is wonderful. She always makes sure my kids are included and if we are having trouble with any computer issue she is right there helping. I really appreciate her help.

What a wonderful nomination!!! Maxine is one of the nicest people in this building. She does her job well and is always kind to everyone, students and staff alike.

Maxine is the kindest person! She is so helpful and knowledgeable in the computer labs. She is genuinely concerned about each student and teacher and goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome and successful in the lab.

Maxine is a wonderful person who has served SOJO students for many years. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help students at the drop of a hat. She is such an impressive person. SOJO is lucky to have such a wonderful person working in the labs with SOJO students. I have known Maxine for many years, and even worked with her at BHS. She truly is an amazing person. Thanks for all of your hard work for the students of SOJO.

I love having Maxine at our school; she is always so friendly and pleasant. She is very accommodating and goes out of her way to get her job done in the most efficient way.

Maxine is the BEST computer lab aide EVER! She runs that lab like a fine tuned violin. She has it down pat and everyone student and teacher in the building benefit from her dependability and organizational skills. Thank you Maxine for all you do!

Maxine is the best ever. She is always so kind to others and is so willing to jump in and lend a hand whenever a teacher needs help. She is also always willing to assist students whenever they need help. She is very organized and efficient in running the labs. Thanks for all you do.