SJMS and JSD Emergency Procedures

Jordan School District is committed to providing a safe environment for students, employees, and visitors. District schools, including South Jordan Middle School, have a detailed Incident Command System for responding to crisis situations.

  • Evacuations: If it is unsafe for students and staff to remain inside the building, the school is evacuated. Students and staff may be relocated to a safe location off school property, if necessary.
  • Lockdown: If there is an intruder or threat of violence on or near the campus, the school implements a lockdown. In a lockdown, all students and staff remain behind locked doors and outside entrances are locked. Parents and other visitors may not be allowed in the school.
  • Shelter-in-Place: If there is severe weather or threatening conditions outside the school, a shelter-in-place procedure is implemented. All students and staff move to safe locations inside the building.

All schools practice these procedures regularly with students and first responders throughout the school year.

How will parents be notified if an incident occurs at school?

Jordan School District will use a variety of resource to notify parents including:

Parents may be notified directly by Skylert in certain situations. Parents should ensure that emergency contact information they provide to the school is accurate.

What should parents do if an incident occurs during school?

Access the District website at or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the most current information. If students are being released early or at a location other than the school, parents will be notified through these sources or Skylert.

During a crisis situation, students will be instructed to turn off their cell phones in order to keep communications lines open for emergency personnel and parent notification. Please do not try to contact your student directly via text message or cell phone call. For the most accurate information, please refer to the District website, Twitter, or Facebook page.

Be patient. Students will be released to parents, guardians, or emergency contact persons with proper identification as soon as possible. Remember, a crisis situation must be handled in an orderly manner to protect and account for all students.

For more information or details about SJMS’s emergency plans, contact an administrator or visit