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Registration cards will be given to students on the following dates.  Classes that require auditions or placements need to have placements ready on the the same dates.
6th to 7th – Tracks A, B, & D Tuesday, Feb 6 @ 6:00 PM (Kiva). Cards are due February 9

6th to 7th – Track C & Traditional schools Tuesday, Feb 20 @ 6:00 PM  in the Kiva. Cards are due on February 23.

7th to 8th – Tuesday, February 27 in  Science classes.  Cards will be due on March 1 to their Science teacher.  A counselor will be in the room to double check the cards.
8th to 9th – Tuesday, February 20 in  Science classes.  Cards will be due on February 22 to their Science teacher.  A counselor will be in the room to double check the cards.
8th to 9th Honors Information night – Feb 6 @ 6:00 PM (Kiva).

School Community Council 1-11-2018 Agenda



MESA – U of U Engineering Wind Turbine Activity





The Sub 4 Santa service project is back at South Jordan Middle School from December 4th-15th.

This year’s theme is the Sub 4 Santa Bowl featuring 3 local teams: BYUU of U and Utah St. Students have the opportunity to donate money to their favorite team during class, class changes, and lunch time. The school’s goal is to raise $10,000!

We will be helping local families during this holiday season by supporting the South Jordan Chamber of Commerce and Gordman’s charity drive.



Smith’s Grocery Store Partnership with SoJo Middle School

Smith’s will donate .5% of every eligible purchase made at Smith’s grocery store just by linking your Rewards Card to SOJO Middle School. Here’s how:  

Click Here


Parents & Students,

Our school’s musical this year is Cinderella JR. Audition Forms & Sign-ups as well as Stage Crew Applications are open and ready for submission. Click on the following link to go to the Musical portion of my class website. Once there, if you want to Audition, go to the drop-down menu and select Audition. If you want to apply for the stage crew, go to the drop-down menu and select Stage Crew. If you want to volunteer as a parent, go to the drop-down menu and select Parent Volunteers. If you have any questions, send Ms. Hunter an email.

SOJO Musical

FYI: Students need to sit down with a parent and fill out the forms then if auditioning, signing up for an audition time (orchestra students should sign up for the 3:00 or 3:30 time slots). Auditions will be held Dec 12th with callbacks on Dec 14th. Stage Crew Interviews will be Dec 13th.


By order of President Donald J. Trump, Governor Gary R. Herbert has ordered the flags of the United States of America and the great ​state of Utah to be flown at half-staff at all state office buildings beginning immediately through sunset on November 9, 2017, to honor the victims of the terrible tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

​All are asked to make necessary arrangements to lower the flags today through sunset on November 9, 2017. Individuals, businesses, and other organizations are encouraged to join in this tribute.


Laraine Lawes, Utah Council for Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award Winner!!!














Saturday, October 28, at the UCSS Conference, SOJO’s own, Laraine Lawes, was recognized as the state’s Social Studies’ Teacher of the Year award winner for Middle Schools 2017-18. Ms. Lawes is an excellent teacher who teaches Geography as well as AP Geography. She is a terrific teacher and person. We are proud to recognize her as the Teacher of the Year.


Dear Parent,
All eighth grade students and their parents are invited to schedule a “Planning for
College and Career Readiness” (PCCR) conference. This meeting is designed to
assist your student in developing an educational plan to prepare them for high
school and college. These 30-minute sessions will be held November 6-November
30, and consist of a small group presentation followed by your individual questions.
To schedule a PCCR appointment, log on to the Online Scheduler between
October 16 and October 29. You can access the Online Scheduler through the
SJMS website (www.sojomiddle.org). Click on the Online Scheduler, select South
Jordan Middle School 8 th Grade PCCR, log in, and then choose your appointment
time. The password is: sojo.
Please make your appointment with your student’s counselor.
A-F Mr. Young
G-L Ms. Switzer
M-R Ms. Po’uha
S-Z Ms. Graham
If you are unable to schedule an appointment, please call (801) 412-2910. If your
student does not receive an appointment through the Online Scheduler or if a parent
is unable to attend, the student will still have a PCCR conference with a counselor.
We look forward to meeting with you.


SJMS Counseling Staff


Grizzlies Game 10/16/17


































Beliefs for Schedule/Teacher Changes at South Jordan Middle School


Much time and consideration has gone into your student’s placement and schedule at South Jordan Middle School. At South Jordan Middle School, we believe that every voice counts and that every child is as equally entitled to a positive learning experience as another. The Class change request policy was designed in accordance with Utah SB 122 which states: “ An LEA shall reasonably accommodate a parent’s or guardian’s initial selection of a teacher or request for a change. Reasonably accommodate means an LEA shall make it’s best effort to enable a parent or guardian to exercise a parental right specified in section 53A-15-1503 without substantial impact to staff and resources, including employee working conditions, safety and supervision on school premises and for school activities, and the efficient allocation of expenditures; and while balancing the rights of parents or guardians; the education needs of other students; the academic and behavioral impacts to a classroom; a teachers workload; and the assurance of the safe and efficient operation of a school.



  1. The learning environment is most productive when there is a balance of classroom size, diversity and academic ability.
  2. Teachers have the responsibility to give input on student placement
  3. All teachers provide equal opportunities for quality learning.
  4. Students, parents and teachers should have an opportunity to learn to work with and appreciate various personalities.
  5. Creating different mixes of students encourages new friendships and social community growth.
  6. It is in the best interest of all students to control student placement combinations that could lead to disciplinary problems. Some combinations require a significant amount of classroom teacher time to regulate and can reduce teaching time for the rest of the class.


Procedure and Policy:

  1. Schedules will be available on Skyward August 16, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.
  2. Please wait to receive your schedule before any change requests are made.
  3. You must come to the SJMS Counseling Center to fill out a class transfer/change request form. A parent signature is required.
  4. You may only fill out one class transfer/change request form per student. You can request multiple changes on that form, but only one form will be accepted per student.
  5. Students must keep the same teacher both semesters in Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies.
  6. Counselors will fill requests on a first come first serve basis.
  7. Counselors will do their best to fill your request while acknowledging SJMS Beliefs and Policies.



Are Your Children Slaves to the Media?

By Nicholeen Peck

Kids Looking at Devices

Parenting Lessons From A Ten Year Old

“Oh Mom, that is so sad!” said ten-year-old Porter when he got in the car after our fun family night activity.

“What is so sad Porter?” I inquired.

“That little boy, only about three years old, in the car next to us didn’t want to get in his car seat, so he started fighting his dad and yelling. Then the dad said, ‘Here, have the phone.’ As soon as the dad said that, the little boy got quiet. Dads shouldn’t reward their children for bad behaviors and shouldn’t give their children adult tools, like phones, to play with as toys Mom.”

Uplift Families

Uplift Families · United States
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Awesome Job Mr. Voorhees and Mr. Freeman!

Click HERE to see the awesome work that these two are doing to change history.


2016-17 Schedule Information

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Permit Information for the 2016-17 School Year

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